Are boilers energy efficient?

With so much focus on clean energy, reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment, many people have begun to question if boilers are the most efficient solution for heating our homes and hot water.

Although they do use fossil fuels to provide the energy, manufacturers have begun making more energy efficient boilers so households can benefit from heating and hot water – without having to worry about rising pollution levels.


An efficient boiler makes all the difference

Did you know, home heating accounts for approximately 55% of what you spend every year on energy bills? Having an energy efficient boiler can make all the difference to this figure.

If your home is fitted with an older boiler, despite being well-maintained each year, they will inevitably lose some heat through the flue – the pipe which extracts fumes and provides the boiler with fresh air. Modern boilers, however, are more efficient for several reasons.

For example, they are predominantly condensing boilers – which means they are built with a larger heat exchanger, recovering more heat to send cooler gases up the flue. Because the flue gases get so cool, the water vapour within the gas is condensed – so more energy is recovered from this vapour.

You might know it’s time to install a new boiler within your home; but do you know what boiler is right for you? What boiler will be most efficient – helping you to save money?


Working with the experts

Our team of engineers will be able to survey your current boiler, your fuel type and inform you of the best possible solution for your home. Most homes are fitted with a mains gas connection, which is likely to be the cheapest heating option.

However, if your home doesn’t have a gas supply – you might want to consider upgrading your oil boiler, installing electric heaters or even an air source heat pump.

Back to boilers… Choosing the right boiler will depend on a few factors:

  • Hot water usage
  • Available space within the house
  • The overall efficiency of your home

The bigger your home, the more hot water and heating is needed to keep everybody warm. You may also have to consider where the new boiler can be fitted – some homes remove their hot water cylinders, which leaves more space than before.

We can also advise you on the best methods to improve the overall central heating system within your home. For example – fitting more modern heating controls such as smart thermostats.

None of this is as scary as it sounds.


The experts at SwitchedOn Yorkshire will be able to advise you on the most efficient boiler, heating controls and overall solution for your home. You can even book in a free home survey, as all our team members follow strict social distancing measures in line with COVID-19 precautions.

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