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Many households would like high-quality, affordable improvements carried out at their home.

Switched On Yorkshire are able to aid in home improvements.

Whether you’ve just moved house and are in need of a few upgrades; or you’re keen to get your home on the market and require a little work beforehand; whatever the case, our team of expert engineers are on hand.

Fuse Board Upgrades

Many UK households still have old fuse boards, in need of replacing.

Let us check out your existing fuse board to make sure you are safe and have the correct type to meet all your properties electrical requirements.

Lighting & Plug Sockets

There are a wide variety of lighting and plug sockets today in various designs and colours to meet your home decoration designs.

Switched On Yorkshire specialise in new smart home technology where lighting and plug sockets can be easily controlled from your mobile phone from anywhere. Find out more about our smart home technology.

Spotlight Installation

Spotlighting comes in a vast variety of types for your ceiling, walls garden paths etc. Different coloured LED bulbs can also be fitted to suit home decoration or individual and personal mood settings.


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