Smart Home

Smart Home

Monitor security, change heating levels and answer the door – all with the power of the internet. A smart home is the future.

Turn your home
into a smart home

Learn how a smart home system could help you and make life that little bit easier

✔ Help save money

✔ Control from anywhere

✔ Full installation

Smart Thermostats

Smart Home

Control your home heating remotely from your mobile phone or tablet. Switch On your heating while on route back to your house or if you forgot to turn your heating off when you leave your house. No problem! Turn off using your mobile or tablet.

Door Bells

Ring Doorbell

The new modern door bells like “Ring door bell” has an inbuilt camera installed, so wherever you are in the world you can see who is at your front door. There are also recording option for a small cost paid directly to Ring. We can install for you at affordable rates, giving you peace of mind, while you are away from your home. Ring now, we are Switched On.

Indoor Cameras

Indoor Camera

Real live viewings of the inside of your home is now available via your mobile or tablet. Left your pet at home and want to check if all is well, let us install a indoor (s) camera. No need to worry anymore. See live and be satisfied.

Outdoor Cameras

Nest Outdoor Cameras

Not only do we install inside, but also outside, placed in area covering all your property, you can view each area remotely.

Smart Thermostatic
Radiator Valves

Smart Radiator Valves

Once upon a time you could only turn your radiator valve on or off. Technology is ever developing and now you can control your individual rooms with your mobile phone or tablet, from anywhere.

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Smart Home Features

Increased Security

Control from anywhere

Easy to operate

Peace of mind

Save money

Full installation

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