Electric Storage Heaters

High-heat retention electric storage heaters are the latest, most efficient heaters on the market.

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What is an electric heater?

Electric Storage Heaters - often just known as storage heaters - help your household in taking advantage of off-peak rates when heating your home. By generating heat throughout the night when electricity prices are lower, the heat is released throughout the day; just gradually, to keep you warm.

At SwitchedOn, we try to go one step further than the average, by providing you with High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters. These provide an additional layer of insulation, so while they provide more heat to you when on, they also keep cooler when not in use.

Electric storage heater

Trying to provide more energy efficient solutions to households across the UK, we try to provide solutions which will provide more of what you want, at a lesser cost. The High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters are then more energy efficient than other, more traditional models, which also contribute to more savings on your annual energy bill - as well as lower running costs with maximum functionality.

Built into the heaters are clever sensors which detect when a window has been left open for too long, as well as three temperature settings; comfort, economy and frost protection.

Upgrading your electric storage heater to a newer model, can mean:

Heat will be released as needed, which can help you to save on monthly energy bills

They’re cheaper to run than other models, as they rely on off-peak energy to power

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All models installed by SwitchedOn have a 12-year manufacturers warranty.

Why choose panel heaters?

Add some new age style to a traditional radiator with our electric panel heaters. These are designed with today's hottest digital programming and come with an easy-to-use remote control for comfortable temperature settings that can be changed at any time. All electric panel heaters come with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty and are fully compatible when combined with high-heat storage heaters or they can also operate independently.

Benefits of panel heaters...

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