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✔ Motion activated

✔ Security siren

✔ Control from anywhere

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Smart security here, there, everywhere.

Modern day smart security cameras are light years ahead of the more traditional CCTV cameras we're used to. They're just as apt at monitoring your family and four legged friends as they are at scaring off strangers.

Equipped with motion detectors, sirens, lights, and a wireless connection - these futuristic surveillance devices can spot potential burglars before they even enter your home; sending the footage straight to your phone.

Indoor Cameras

Now you can see what goes on at home even when you're away! Simply install one of our live indoor cameras so you'll never have to worry about missing anything again.

smart home cameras

Outdoor Cameras

Not only are we able to install cameras for surveillance inside of a building, but we can put them outside too. This will cover every inch of your property and allow you to view it remotely from anywhere.

Smart home cameras


It takes less than five minutes for the smart indoor camera to be set up. Simply place it where you would like in your home and connect it via WiFi, then install the relevant app onto your smartphone. Once you’ve configured its settings how you want them, that’s all there is to do!

Ideally, you should mount the camera on a flat surface (e.g., table or shelf) at about knee-height level in front of your doorway so it can detect motion and see people coming from far away when they enter the doorframe.

Yes, the camera continues to film in high resolution. It has an infrared night vision.

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Smart Home Camera Features

Night vision

Control from anywhere

Easy to operate

Motion Activated

Wireless Communication

Security Siren

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