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Solar Panels for Schools and Academies

Like many organisations, schools have very tight financial budgets to manage and balance. Making the most of renewable energy such as solar power is one way that schools and academies can adopt sustainable practices. Installing solar panels is a step towards a greener future as well as sending a clear message to students that their school leaders are taking action against climate change to reduce their carbon footprint.

So, can schools have solar panels?

In short, Yes. Government backed funding is available to cover the cost of installing solar panels.

Why Solar Panels?

Solar panels provide a low maintenance, cost effective and green energy solution to powering school buildings. When combined with solar storage batteries, they will also be able to store any excess energy produced for later use.

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Sky Blue Education is a school procurement portal helping schools’ and academies source the services they require – including solar panels.

We’re an approved Sky Blue Education contractor and work with SLT’s of schools answering their questions when thinking about installing solar panels.

Solar panels

What Government funding is available for schools?

There are Government backed funding schemes (including the Energy Efficacy Financing (EEF) and Power Purchase Agreement programmes) available to help cover the cost of installations. Some, but not all projects are 100% funded with solar panel grants. Others are very heavily reduced with a contribution required to fund the balance of the installation cost.

Once the solar panels are installed and working it won’t take long for you to notice the difference.  Your reduced energy utility / electricity bills will start to offset the investment of installing the panels.

Reducing energy usage and bills is an obvious reason to install solar panels on schools and university buildings but there are other benefits too.

  1. Educate

Pupils and students can see the positive steps their school is taking to invest in greener and renewable technology. The solar panels and science behind how the panels work can be incorporated into lessons. Because of the impact of climate change learning and understanding renewable technology is of increasing importance to young people.

  1. Reduce costs

There are costs to install the panels which might mean decision makers hesitate before committing to signing up for solar panels. However, the long-term financial benefits are worth the investment because savings will be made in time to offset the initial installation costs. Renewable energy will be generated as soon as the panels are installed so electricity bills will be reduced. Any excess energy can be fed back to the grid. This could potential help generate revenue through feed-in tariffs or renewable energy certificates.

  1. Environmental Impact

Schools and universities opting for greener technology will see a reduction in using fossil fuels so a reduction in carbon emissions too. This in turn will work towards reducing greenhouse gases and have a positive impact on the environment for pupils and staff both now and in the future.

  1. Energy Security

Unlike other energy sources, solar power is abundant and renewable. Most schools and universities have lots of space on their roofs perfect for housing solar panels. Schools using energy generated by their solar panels are exempt from the external factors such as the disruption of power outages or price increases.

Installing solar panels in schools and universities is not only a positive step towards a greener future for everyone but also a way of reducing ongoing energy bills. We work with schools and universities to make the most of the funding opportunities available to offset the cost of installation and maximise the benefits solar panels have to offer.

So, contact us today to find out more about how your school could benefit from solar panels and access Government backed funding.

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