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At Switched On Yorkshire, we pride ourselves in providing the best service to our customers. Whether that's a one-time boiler replacement, a service or a smart home installation. Whatever your home improvement needs, we're here to help.

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Ready to make the most out of your heating or home improvements? Our team of highly professional personnel can talk you through the process and hold your hand every step of the journey.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Renewable Technologies

Renewable Technologies are the future, providing clean, effective and cost-efficient ways to heat your home and power your electric vehicles.

Ideal Boiler

Central Heating

Whether you’re looking to replace your boiler, install an air source heat pump or invest in something a little different; we can help.

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home

Monitor security, change heating levels and answer the door – all with the power of the internet. A smart home is the future.



From full house re-wires to spotlighting, inspection certificates and much more - SwitchedOn Yorkshire have got you covered.

Inspections & Testing

Inspections & Testing

Inspections, reports, certificates and much more from our professional Gas Safe engineers and professional electricians.

EV Charging

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Electric Vehicles are fast becoming the must-have form of transport. If you have an EV, or are looking to buy one, you’ll need an EV Charger.