Smart Radiator Valves

Manage your heating room by room, all from your smartphone- so you never have to heat rooms you aren’t using.

Turn your home
into a smart home

Learn how a smart home system could help you and make life that little bit easier

✔ Smart regulation

✔ Save energy

✔ Control from anywhere

Make the switch to a smart radiator valve...

Once there was a time when you could only turn your radiator valve either on or off. Nowadays, however, technology has developed so much; that now you can control your radiators for each room using a mobile device, with our smart radiator valves.

Smart radiator valve

No more guesswork

Set the exact temperature you desire in degrees, instead of only being able to choose a setting between 1-5.

Room-by-room control with multiple valves

Get the perfect temperature for every room when you put install smart radiator valves on all your main radiators. This way, you'll always be able to keep one room at a comfortable warmth while also heating up other rooms without overdoing it in the process.

Smart radiator valve

Open window detection

If a window has been left open, or if the temperature in the room has dropped, which ever the case may be, smart radiator valve will adjust accordingly- meaning not heat is being wasted!

Control any room at any time

Save money by not heating rooms you don't need. For example, set a schedule to keep your bedroom cool during the day and then warm it up before you go to bed.

If you realise that you've left the heating on in a room that nobody uses, just turn it off via your app.

The smart radiator valves are equipped with two integrated sensors that monitor both the inside and outside temperature. The valve then compares these temperatures against one another to see if they match up, or if there is a need for adjustment.

People are always asking if smart radiator valves can save them money, and frankly it’s an easy question to answer. Yes, over time you will notice that your monthly energy bill has decreased thanks to these smart devices.

But there are plenty of other great things about them worth considering too – including how much more comfortable it’ll make those hot summer days for you!

No, they’re easy to fit-you won’t even need to dust off the toolbox. All you’ll need to do is unscrew the current thermostatic radiator valve and replace it with your new ones.

Once that’s done, open up your clever thermostat app and follow a few simple steps for connecting them together. And if there are any issues or complications whatsoever, you’ll be able to troubleshoot almost anything through the app.

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Smart Radiator Valve Features

Save energy

Control from anywhere

Easy to operate

Heat individual rooms

Save money

Smart regulation

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