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A smart thermostat are the newest pieces of technology that connect your heating system to the internet; allowing you to switch up your temperature or turn it off from your smartphone no matter where you go.

This feature is hands-down the smartest thing about these new gadgets; being able to adjust the heat without moving an inch from either your bed, the couch, or even out at a friends.

Smart thermostat

Other features

Furthermore, other features may differ depending on which type of smart thermostat you get; but many come with unique things such as:

How are they different from normal thermostats?

Indeed, as the name suggests; they're smarter versions. The basics remain the same; you can program a schedule to best suit your needs or adjust the temperature to your liking.

Along with other technological wizardry going on with these smart thermostats that you might not expect; things like learning how your home reacts to certain changes in climate and what temperatures are most comfortable for you.

Smart thermostat

Not only that but some models also even monitor whether you left for work today, so it adjusts accordingly when you come back home. In addition, some models boast protection against frozen pipes during winter vacations away from home.


Apart from being convenient and easy to manage; smart thermostats can decrease the amount of power you use for heating your home.

You can also set it so that when you are out or sleeping at night; it will turn down the temperature automatically, which would consequently reduce how much electricity is used in total each month. Lower energy consumption means a smaller bill at the end of every month and greater environmental responsibility.

These gadgets are smart for a reason. They can detect when it is safe to heat up and when it isn’t. Also they can also calculate just how much heating you’ll need depending on the outdoor temp. In addition to this they monitor how quickly your home cools down too; all so they can save you money by heating only what needs heating and at just the right time too.

Like other thermostats; if you do not have power because of an outage; your smart thermostat will not work. However; neither will your heater or air conditioner. If your wifi is down, your smart thermostat will still work as a normal thermostat would. You can still adjust the temperature using the device itself and interact with it in its smart mode albeit without these features enabled.

You could reduce your living expenses for heating and cooling your home by up to 23% these days.

Thermostats have preset ones such as spring, summer, fall, winter, and even low-cost that make it simpler to conserve cash automatically.

Predictably energy saving modes preserve your warmth at a lessened temperature or air conditioner at an increased rate when you’re away from house throughout the day. Once you return; the thermostat can have your residence fixed to just the correct temperature for your convenience.

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