How old is your boiler? The age of your boiler matters more than you might think

If you have an older gas boiler, you might have wondered how old it is and whether or not it will ever be worth replacing. If you’re curious about the age of your boiler and its efficiency; this guide explains how you can find that out and what the age of your boiler means to you overall.

It’s more than just an interesting fact!

Read on to learn more about how old your boiler actually is, what it may mean in terms of energy consumption; and how you can move forward with the process of replacement if the time comes.


What is the age of my boiler?

Your boiler’s serial number is the fastest and easiest way to determine the boiler age. Boilers have serial numbers that resemble barcodes and may include both digits and numbers.

Several parts of the boiler include this serial number, such as the installation instructions, the drop-down panel; and the bottom of the boiler. Your boiler’s serial number provides important information about its manufacture year.

How old is my boiler?


Is it on its last legs?

First; double-check the age of your boiler before you decide if you want to replace or fix it. With that in mind; here are some signs your boiler is on its way to the end of its lifespan and should be replaced as soon as possible:

  • You’re not getting any heat or hot water
  • You’re not getting any heat or hot water
  • Breakdowns on a Regular Basis
  • The boiler pressure keeps dropping (or rising)
  • You can hear strange boiler noises

Unfortunately; not all boiler issues are as clear as a broken heater, meaning you may not be able to diagnose the problem when your boiler needs an expert.


When should your boiler be replaced?

We stated previously that a boiler’s efficiency decreases as it ages, meaning a boiler that is 90% efficient now may be less than 80% efficient in ten years.

Consequently, the heater will use more fuel and provide less warmth, leaving you with a difficult-to-heat home and higher heating bills. The age of a boiler also brings problems like malfunctions and costly repairs, which could add up quickly. As a result, a very common piece of advice is to replace your boiler around age 10 to age 15.

If you are near the age or are experiencing the annoyance of a failing boiler, it’s wise to get a quote for a new boiler with Gas Safe installation for free.


What is the price of a new boiler?

The ultimate cost, like that of a standard boiler installation, will depend on a variety of factors and ultimately be decided by a number of things, such as

  • The sort of boiler you’ve installed, such as a combi or a system boiler.
  • The model you choose, for example, mid-range vs. premium
  • If you wish to relocate your boiler, follow these steps.
  • If you wish to switch from one kind of boiler to another,
  • Any additional items you buy, such as smart thermostats, filters, and so on

Good news is SwitchedOn offers various types of payments for replacement boilers, including a no-deposit option with a low monthly repayment!


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