How to get a free boiler or grant?

Hoping to get a new boiler before winter arrives, but struggling with the cost? You could be eligible for a boiler grant from the Government ECO Scheme – or even, a free boiler.

Whether your boiler has broken down, is on the way out, or you’re looking to update your current central heating method; you might be able to save yourself some money by applying for a grant towards all – or part – of the cost.


Introducing the ECO Scheme

It can be very costly to fork out for a new boiler when yours breaks down – and after the year we’ve had due to the pandemic, not everybody can afford such costs. Having the option to subsidise the payments is of course, attractive to many people.

The Energy Companies Obligations Scheme – otherwise known as the ECO Scheme – enables some homeowners and private tenants to get their outdated, inefficient methods of heating replaced; completely for free.

In some cases however, some people may have to pay a small subsidy – but we’ll get into this later on.

The Government-backed scheme was setup to help low-income families to reduce their carbon footprint, and improve the efficiency of their homes. For some, this means improving upon their wall, window or loft insulation – but for the majority, it often means installing a more energy efficient boiler. There are levels of criteria to meet, however.

For instance; if you’re in receipt of particular benefits, or on a low income, you could qualify for a free boiler.


What is the criteria?

The criteria is quite tough – simply to make sure those who are really in need, can gain access to the ECO Scheme and begin to improve upon their carbon footprint and save hundreds of pounds on their home energy bills.

To qualify, the individuals applying must be in receipt of at least one benefit payment such as income support or pension credit, and earning less than £20,000 per year as a household.

You must also own your own home to apply and carry out the installation works.

If you’re still unsure, or would like to talk things through further – contact a member of our team. The experts at Switched On Yorkshire are able to talk you through the process, and inform you if you’re eligible for a free boiler, or at the least – a boiler at a heavily subsidised cost.


Getting the best boiler for your home

Of course, if you are eligible for a new boiler under the ECO Scheme, our team will only install the most energy efficient boiler for your home. Not only are we here to install a new central heating system – we’re looking to save you money in the long run.

Installing a reliable, energy efficient boiler in your home can make all the difference. Working alongside the UK’s leading boiler manufacturer (Ideal), we’re able to install big-name boiler brands, bringing you more confidence in your new solution.

This also means – your new boiler is likely to last longer, and servicing costs can be kept to an absolute minimum.


To find out more about the most energy efficient boiler solution for your home, the ECO Scheme or to find out how else we can be of assistance, talk to the SwitchedOn Yorkshire team.

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