Measuring your energy efficiency

This week, world leaders are gathering for COP26; discussing effective ways the world can quickly put a dent in climate change.

While there are many discussions in place, some changes won’t take place for many years. However, there are things you can do within your home to make immediate changes and reduce your carbon footprint.


Understanding your usage

When you can understand how much gas and electricity you’re using throughout your home, you can begin to understand where you can make savings. The cost of turning on the lights, charging your devices, or putting the heating on one more time to warm up the house can all add up. Especially in the winter months.

Not only can reducing your usage save on money, it can also reduce the amount of fossil fuels burnt. The burning of fossil fuels increases the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere – impacting climate change.

Many households are now fitted with a smart meter, which measures energy usage. A roll-out of smart meters is still happening; which is for the better. An in-home display connects to your smart meter via a wireless network. This display shows how much energy is being used every day, every month, every year.

There are even some displays which show when you’re using too much energy at one time. For example, if you’re boiling the kettle, running the washing machine and have the heating on.


Measuring your energy & making a change

Energy suppliers have a daily standing charge for being connected to their gas and electricity supply; before adding their charge per unit. Understanding how your home uses energy, how it adds up and when the higher rates are charged by your supplier; all contribute towards you making effective changes at home.

There is so much which can be done to begin measuring your energy efficiency and making positive changes. For example, making use of more energy efficient appliances such as your gas boiler.


It is always important to keep on top of your home energy, appliance usage and have a general know-how on preparing your home properly for colder weather. If you’re hoping to save energy this winter, but still keep warm and want some advice, contact our team.

SwitchedOn Yorkshire are able to service your boiler, check whether your boiler is efficient and install smart thermostats or radiator valves to assist in heating your home, without spending a fortune.

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