Reduce your energy bills with energy saving tips

As the world continues to focus on climate change and becoming more sustainable, more thought is being given to taken care of the environment and focusing on the future.

Saving energy, however, isn’t just about helping you to become more energy-efficient and considerate of the environment; it is a great way to save on money.

If you’re looking to save money and energy around the home – not just throughout winter, but in the long-term – there are plenty of changes you can make to your lifestyle, which will have a large impact on your consumption.

Take a look at our top energy saving tips to get started.


Hold the gas

Installing a smart meter is often a wise choice, so you can begin to use less gas around the home. Many energy suppliers often provide smart meters to their customers – it is a no-brainer to install one. A smart meter will indicate when you begin to spend too much on energy, and where you’re spending the most. This enables you to take steps for cutting down on usage where possible – saving money.

Speaking of smart, have you installed a smart thermostat yet? If not, why not? Thermostats of old simply turned the heating on and off at certain points of the day, depending on their set schedule. Smart thermostats enable you to track your gas usage, so you can adjust the heating accordingly to use less.

When did you last upgrade your gas appliances? With more energy efficient appliances for sale than ever before, you can invest in upgraded models which don’t require as much gas or can use it in a more efficient way.


Reducing electricity, without turning out the lights

Similarly to gas usage, there are changes you can make to reduce electricity usage around the home. The less electricity you use, the less money you need to spend.

Many households have begun to make use of smart devices such as an Amazon Alexa. That’s great, because installing energy-saving lightbulbs or better yet – smart lightbulbs, can enable you to reduce spend. Throughout winter months, so much electricity is used in lighting your home, simply because it is darker earlier. By investing in energy-saving lightbulbs, you won’t lose out on light – but you will save on money. Going the extra mile with smart lightbulbs, you can set the lights to work on a specific timer or by sensing motion – so if you aren’t in the room, the light doesn’t need to be on!

Contrary to popular belief, wasted electricity can occur when appliances are left plugged in but aren’t being used. Even a simple charging cable which doesn’t have a device plugged in can still waste electricity by being connected to the socket. If you aren’t actively using something, switch off the power at the plug.


Keep warm – without overdoing it

Of course, it is much nicer to wake up to a warm home and feel comfortable throughout the day – especially on the cold winter weekends. But as you’re probably aware, the more you use the boiler – the more money you’re spending.

When did you last service your boiler? As with anything in life – the better you care for something, the better it will perform. With your boiler; the better it is looked after, the more energy-efficient it will be. However, there does come a point where even boilers which have been looked after properly for some years become inefficient.

Upgrading to a highly-rated boiler can improve your homes energy efficiency and save hundreds of pounds. Better yet – installing a renewable method of heating can ensure your home is A-rated and running solely off electricity.


It is a good idea to take a look around your home – at the plugs, the appliances and the boiler – to determine how many changes you can make before winter fully kicks in. By doing so, you could save your household hundreds of pounds, and create a more sustainable future.

To find out how energy efficient your home is currently, or to install smart devices to better manage your energy usage, speak to the team at SwitchedOn Yorkshire.

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