What is a smart home?

Many people are now talking about smart homes – either taking the first steps to making their home smart; or expanding on their current network.

Still unsure what a smart home is?

A smart home system is a network of devices, within your home, which you can control remotely via a central hub or your smart device (your mobile or tablet, for example).


Where can you start?

Having a smart home is the future. Many households now control their heating, lighting, laundry and more; saving them time, energy and money.

The average UK households now owns at least two smart home devices; typically a thermostat to control the heating from anywhere, and a security system to monitor activity outside the home. The level of interest in smart home products is growing year on year; as a society, we’re looking for solutions to make our lifestyle easier, more affordable and more suited to our needs.

So, where could you begin installing smart home products? Here are just some of the solutions we’re able to provide at SwitchedOn Yorkshire:

  • Door bells
  • Indoor & outdoor cameras
  • Thermostats
  • Radiator valves

Many of these products can be controlled by one centralised hub, such as the Amazon Alexa.


What is the cost involved?

Of course, many households are looking to save money – not drive up costs. As individual products, the cost is very reasonable – just a one-time payment, ready for life-time usage.

However, many begin to see steep costs if a number of products are purchased and installed all at the same time. Remember, some products may require you to rewire certain areas of your home – e.g. a new smart thermostat for your boiler.

It is important to remember, the benefit of having smart home devices such as those which control your home energy output, can reduce your energy bills and save you money year on year.

By speaking with a member of our team, you will be able to seek advice on what products will be suitable for your home – and how costs can be kept to a minimum.


What are our tips for setting up a new smart home system?

If you’re new to smart home technology, keep it as simple as you can in the beginning. Perhaps begin thinking about what you’re hoping to achieve, rather than getting caught up in the latest online trends. For example; if you’re hoping to improve the security of your home, would you require a simple motion detecting camera, or an integrated system which would trigger lights upon movement?

Studies have shown, homes which display smart home cameras are less likely to be the target of a burglary.

Smart home products are designed to make life easier; whether it’s turning the heating on as you drive home from work, or to provide voice controlled assistance to an elderly member of the family. We suggest taking a step back to look at your home, and decide what your top priority is:

  • Saving money on heating and electric
  • Protecting the perimeter of your home
  • Making life easier with controlled lighting, audio and visual systems

While most smart home products are designed so you can fit them yourself, it’s important to check what the product supports before you buy. For example – does the new thermostat work with your boiler; or can the smart door bell be fitted to your front door?

All smart devices are also powered by the internet, so you have to make sure your home is powered by a strong wifi connection.


Get in touch with the team at SwitchedOn Yorkshire to find out exactly what can be done at your home, for what price and for the ultimate protection, efficiency or potential savings.

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