What are the benefits of a smart thermostat in winter?

Everything becomes more expensive around winter time. Whether it’s buying gifts, going out to eat or spending more money to keep you happy at home – costs rise.

It’s a good idea to think about what you can do to reduce your home heating and electricity bills. Relatively simple measures can make a huge difference. For example, upgrading your thermostat could be one very beneficial way to reducing your heating bill.


How smart thermostats save money

SwitchedOn Yorkshire have years of experience when it comes to installing smart thermostats. A typical thermostat connects with your boiler and determines when the heating needs to kick-in to warm up your home.

When you use a smart thermostat, it connects with your wi-fi to determine real-time weather data, humidity readings and when to control the heating levels in your home. In short, they do more to manage your home heating; while maintaining optimal levels of comfort.


Program and save

One key way to saving money on home heating is to set the thermostat back a few degrees when you’re not at home; or when you need a little less heat.

Unlike traditional thermostats, you don’t need to remember to get up and go to the device to change the temperature all the time. With a smart thermostat, the automation feature handles it for you.

By setting a weekly schedule to follow your own plan, you can do more. Either set it to follow when you’re away from home; or, choose a schedule throughout the day for when you know there won’t be much movement.

For example – the Nest Smart Thermostat will determine when it is best to use heating, based on your activity around the home.



Many smart thermostats have an app available for download on your smart phone. Using the geolocation feature, your phone will tell the smart thermostat when you’re away. This ensures the home is at a lower temperature, or the heating is entirely off to avoid heat waste.

Others are able to set the heating to on, when it senses you’re getting close to home – maybe at the end of the working day. When your signal is picked up, it can turn the heating back to the comfortable temperature you prefer.


Protecting against frozen pipes

The winter months can bring the danger of frozen pipes. As temperatures drop, pipes in unheated areas can freeze.

This causes water within them to expand and split, causing costly damage due to burst pipes or damage to the fittings.

Smart thermostats can prevent pipes from freezing over and protect against unwanted water damage. How? Keeping a consistent temperature level causes the water within the pipes to remain  above freezing, adding protection.


If you are serious about cutting your heating costs, reducing your energy consumption and protecting against frozen pipes this winter, installing a smart thermostat is the way forward. You’ll have access to see how much energy you’re using, control when the heating should be on and make energy conscious decisions.

Once you install a smart thermostat, you can begin to expand your options and create a smart home with multiple devices.

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