SwitchedOn provides team members with the opportunity to develop their skills

Local home energy installer and family-run business, Switched On Yorkshire, are proudly supporting a number of their engineers through apprenticeships and continued professional development.

With the focus on Adult Learners Week from June 14 – 19, Switched On Yorkshire want to celebrate the dedication from their own adult learners.

Since 2017, family-run business Switched On Yorkshire has grown from strength to strength. Initially a two-man team, of electricians, founder Greg Cox has since gained a team of 57-people, who are accredited installers for boilers, EV chargers, renewable technology electric storage heaters and more.

Dedicated to providing the younger generation with the opportunity to work and develop their skills, Greg has spent the last 4-years working with local colleges and professional bodies to provide opportunities to local individuals.

Currently carrying out their Electrical Apprenticeship, in partnership with Leeds College are Rio, Ryan, Louis and Brandon; while Brady completes his Heating Engineer qualification also with Leeds College.

The passion and dedication to learning on the job from the younger adults, has resulted in them securing full-time employment with Switched On Yorkshire, following the completion of their qualifications. Greg said: “Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to expanding our network of engineers. We aim to provide energy-efficient solutions across the country, to ensure homeowners, landlords and tenants can benefit by becoming more sustainable.

“We chose to take on a team of apprentices so we’re also educating the younger generation, providing skills, an income and employment at the end of their college course.”

Also taking advantage of the professional development provided by Switched On Yorkshire, is heating engineer Reece, who is studying to become a Domestic Energy Assessor and Retrofit Assessor for the Government’s ECO Scheme.

Reece said: “When the Government changed the regulations surrounding ECO work, it meant the company would have to hire an external individual to approve certain works. It was then I thought I could benefit by taking the necessary qualifications to approve the ECO works myself, which would also mean Switched On didn’t have to hire costly third-party assessors.

“The accreditation doesn’t become a legal requirement until July this year, and instead of waiting, Switched On Yorkshire signed me up on the course with the Energy Trust in April of this year.”

Switched On Yorkshire are committed to providing all their team members with the opportunity to develop their skills and gain additional qualifications where possible. Also committed to ensuring nobody is out of work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, strict measures have been put into place throughout the office, to ensure everyone is safe at work.

“We’re very committed to a positive culture – we’re family run, and treat our people as family. The past year has been a challenge, but we didn’t want to let it effect our team, or our customers too badly – which is why we continue to support our people on their professional development.

“Watching how each one of the lads has taken on board their day to day work, as well as additional college work, has been great. We couldn’t be more proud of how far they have come already,” finished Paul Baxter, Director.

In addition to installing home energy solutions such as new boilers, electric storage heaters and renewable solutions, Switched On Yorkshire also provide servicing, maintenance and 1:1 site visits, to ensure customers across the country benefit from the most energy-efficient measures, and reduce their annual outgoings.

For an installation network you can trust, get in touch with the team at Switched On Yorkshire online at switchedon.info

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