Solar Panel funding for schools

As a company we are committed to helping everyone reduce their carbon usage. Switching to greener technology will help reduce carbon emissions and energy bills – this includes schools too!

Installing solar panels on schools not only helps reduce running costs but is a fantastic way of demonstrating to pupils and parents’ green energy in action.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DFEE) said “Every school has the potential to generate its own renewable energy”. Click here to find out more from the DFEE.

Can schools afford solar panels?

This is a common question asked by SLT’s and Governing bodies in schools.  We understand the challenges school decision makers have to balance their budget. Signing up to installing solar panels is a big decision and you need to have all the facts. But, did you know there are Government backed funding schemes available to cover the cost of installations?

One way of accessing funding is through Blue Sky Education. Sky Blue Education connects private and academy schools with businesses to meet their procurement needs. We are proud to be an approved Sky Blue Education provider.

Solar Panels funding for schools

What are the benefits of Solar Panels to schools?

Reduce electricity bills – the power generated from the solar panels is used in the school to offset running costs. The money saved on energy bills can be spent on other things that your school requires.

Reduce Carbon emissions – the introduction of greener technology will reduce the amount of carbon emissions schools generate.

Education and awareness – installing solar panels in schools can be used to raise awareness of greener and renewable technology to pupils. The topic of renewable energy can be included creatively in lessons such as science, technology and  geography.

But how do Solar Panels work?

Solar PV panels consist of many cells made from layers of a semiconducting material, so as light shines on this material, a flow of electricity is created.

Modern Solar PV cells don’t require direct sunlight to work and can even work on cloudy days. But of course, the stronger the sunshine, the more electricity is generated. Directly south facing roofs offer maximal output while east or west facing ones may produce enough energy but around 15-20% less than those who are directly south facing.

So, what do I need to do?

If you’re already signed up to Sky Blue Education you can access further details regarding funding directly through them… did we mention we’re an approved Sky Blue Education provider to install solar panels? Not signed up to Sky Blue Education? don’t worry, you can still access the funding.

If you’re interesting in finding out how Solar Panels could benefit your school whilst reducing energy costs please call us on 01924 820005 and a member of the team will be happy to help.

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