EV Charging – the basics

Electric vehicles have quickly become a big part of the modern world – and they aren’t slowing down. Throughout 2020, over 108,000 electric vehicles were registered in the UK – almost a 200% increase from 2019.

Why the dramatic increase? As the Government aims for a carbon-free future, they’re planning a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030. Naturally, people are acting now. However, one thing which isn’t being considered – charging your electric vehicle, at home.


Charging your EV at home – the basics

For those who already own an electric vehicle, more than 80% are now charging at home. Charging your vehicle at home is more convenient, cheaper and safer. How?

  • You no longer need to wait in line for a public EV charger
  • You can charge in your own time – perhaps overnight while you sleep
  • The vehicle is at home, so you don’t need to worry if it is safe
  • It’ll be far cheaper as you can choose the ideal charging time depending on your electricity tariff

If your home is fitted with solar panels for electricity, you’re onto a winner. Charging your vehicle with renewable energy will ensure you’re 100% green, substantially reduce your carbon footprint – and your energy bill.


Choosing the right EV charger for your home

It isn’t ideal to use your mains supply and a 3-pin wall plug to charge your vehicle; not only would you be waiting hours, you would probably cause your fusebox to trip.

Installing a charger to an outer wall is a much more viable option. Not only will you be charging your vehicle quicker, there will be less wiring causing a trip hazard across your driveway or street.

The wallbox charger is simply installed in your garage, or on a wall outside your home – close to where the vehicle is normally parked. Connected to your homes main supply, waterproof and often ‘smart’, the wall chargers are the way forward.

Our team of experts can talk you through our preferred brands, and what will be best for your home and vehicle. There is a wide range of options available to you, depending on the charging speed required, rate of power and of course – how it looks.


What’s the cost?

The cost of an EV charger depends on several factors; including the type of charger, the brand chosen and the power required. While the cost might sometimes seem as a large amount, you must remember you will be saving money in the long-run.

The UK Government is also providing a grant to EV owners wanting to install a charger at home. You could receive up to 75% towards the cost of a new wallbox charger.


The team at SwitchedOn Yorkshire install EV chargers in line with UK regulations and can provide access to the Government grant to reduce the cost of installation.

Work with us to find the most suitable and affordable EV charger for your home.

To find out more about making your home greener, or how else we can be of assistance – talk to the SwitchedOn Yorkshire team.

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