Can Combi Boilers Run Hot Water and Heating Simultaneously?

Combination boilers are popular in the UK, as they can provide both hot water and central heating, but do they have an impact on your energy bills? This article looks at whether or not you can run hot water and heating simultaneously with a combination boiler, and what factors affect the cost of running hot water with this type of boiler.


The difference between combination boilers and conventional boilers

Is there a difference between combination boilers and conventional boilers, especially when it comes to heating hot water? Both types of boilers can run either heating or hot water at once. In fact, some new condensing (high efficiency) models can run both at once.

Many older combination models could not run both hot water and heating simultaneously unless they were used as dual-fuel heat/hot water systems. New combination models can run both heating and hot water at once, but an older combination might not be able to.

Make sure your desired model is capable of running both before committing to a purchase. If you already have a conventional boiler that doesn’t need replacing, then it’s probably fine for now. That said, remember in most cases combination boilers are much more efficient than older models, as they use less energy to heat water.

They also usually come with other useful features which allow homes with limited storage space to hold more hot water on tap throughout their home.


3 reasons why you need a combination boiler

Space saving

Combination boilers are just that, a combination of both a water heater and central heating boiler. This greatly reduces the space required to store both. Homes were previously built with a hot water tank and a boiler; which required a lot of piping. In more modern homes, combination boilers are fitted into loft spaces or cupboards to minimise pipework and save space.

High pressure water

Most people love a good shower. As the water in the pipes is heated by the combination boiler before coming through the shower head or tap; you can enjoy showers with mains level power. Many households which use an electric shower find a huge difference in water pressure as the cold water has to be heated through the shower system.

Reduced cost

We save the best for last. Everything comes down to money; and where households can save money, they will. As a single unit, combination boilers are popular as they are easier and cheaper to install into a property. They are widely available – and so are their parts. They also typically last for over 10-years.


Benefits of running hot water and heating simultaneously

Installing a combination boiler will give you hot water on demand from both taps, but that’s not to say that it can’t run heating and hot water simultaneously. A combination boiler is simply made up of two units: one for providing hot water on demand, another for providing central heating.

It may seem like a strange idea at first – why would you want to heat your home when you’re running a bath? But heating your home while using hot water isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and there are many advantages of doing so. The biggest advantage is cost – running them together during certain times can save on money that would otherwise be wasted.

Another benefit of running hot water while heating is that it will help your boiler last longer. Combination boilers rely on an additional cylinder to create heat, which means they use significantly less energy than a standard gas or oil boiler – helping you save money.

Because they’re smaller, they’re also quieter than other models, and you won’t need to fit as much ventilation for them either. They also don’t produce as much condensation as other models so there’s less risk of mould and damp forming in your home.


Things to consider when installing your combination boiler

Combination boilers are known for their flexibility in central heating systems.

They are able to both heat your home, through one of its outlets, and provide hot water for other points in your home. This is a particularly attractive option if you want to avoid running multiple heating systems throughout your home or if you have multiple areas that require both heating and hot water.

Before choosing a combination boiler for installation in your home, there are some important things to consider. For example, you will need enough space in your loft for it to be installed safely without causing damage or inconvenience. You will also need to confirm with a professional that they can be fitted into your existing plumbing system easily so you don’t have to re-plumb at additional cost or effort.

If you are going to have your combination boiler installed by a professional, it is wise to check that they are Gas Safe registered. The Gas Safe Register is an official register of gas engineers in Great Britain who work on gas appliances. It covers those involved in design, installation, inspection and maintenance of boilers so that consumers can be sure that when someone is working on their system, they are safe.


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