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Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are fast becoming the best, most energy efficient way to heat your home and hot water. They are simple to use and work on fresh air.

Fresh air is pulled into the heat pump by a fan on the front of the unit. It is then compressed and turned into heat. Easiest way to describe would be if you put your thumb over the end of a bicycle pump and pumped the other end. Your thumb starts to get very warm and this is the similar principle of an Air Source Heat Pump.

ASHP’s use Electricity, but by using heat from the air, they use less electricity than a traditional electric boiler. Using renewable sources to heat your home is more sustainable than fossil fuel, they don’t produce carbon monoxide, don’t contribute toward the green house gas or ozone layer.

Don’t let just anyone install your ASHP

Switched On (Yorkshire) Ltd are qualified and certified as an approved Microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) Installer. Our team of highly professional personnel can talk you through the process and hold your hand every step of the journey. We can also help you apply for the (RHI) Renewable incentive grant.

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